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Valentine's Day 2020 by Any Means

For this years collection, we took a different route and explored themes of lost love, hopeless romanticism and the struggle of blinding infatuation. The late Jazz trumpeter, Chet Baker, was one of the main influences for this collection, who wrapped up these kind of emotions with the line “I fall in love too easily”

We worked with photographer Jade Damico (@jadedamico) to visualise this collection into a story of two souls who cross paths but don’t align. Perhaps this is a story that some resonate more with than the usual roses and chocolates, and if you don’t, well ...lucky you

Part One: New Love

Meeting for the first time and matching energies.

Part Two: Infatuation

A newfound chemistry sees two people who can't get enough of each other.

Part Three: Mismatch

The point where one realises who they found themselves next to differ more than they thought. Sometimes one realises more than the other.

Part Four: Doubt

The thought of moving too fast. When one comes to a point they feel the other isn't right for them. It involves a lot of self reflection and often overthinking.

Part Five: Lost Love

A proposal of something more is met with a proposal of something less. A non negotiable deal that strains both souls. Often times one thinks with their heart while the other thinks with their logic, and they wished the other would see things the way they do, but it's never that easy, at least at that point in time. Two souls that crossed paths but didn't align.

Sometimes you fall in love too easily.

Angie in our 3M Shorts. Shot on 35mm FilmAna-Elisa & Alessandro in our Godspeed Tee. Shot on 35mm FilmStephanie for Any Means. Shot on 35mm Film